Sunday, December 20, 2015

Finger Blood Pressure Checker App

Finger Blood Pressure Checker

Now you can enjoy with friends scanning their blood pressure with "Blood Pressure Scanner Prank app". Amaze them with a real finger blood pressure calculating experience.. It's just a fun moment, you don't want to reveal them..
How to use the Scanner :
1. Simply keep the finger on the finger blood pressure monitor.
2. Blood Pressure Scanner start working and you will see a great pulse animation of your heart activity.
3. Hold your finger until you get your blood pressure.
4. You can switch on/off the sound or the vibrations

How Blood Pressure Calculator works.. Simply Keep the finger on the blood pressure scanner.. and blood pressure monitor starts to scan and it shows you the current heart beat with an animation, your friends will have no clue.
Finger Blood Pressure Monitor Features :
1. HD quality graphics for all the android devices
2. The best animation for scanning the heart beat.
3. Sound on/off and vibrate on/off feature.
4. Looks real and professional
5. Gives a tip whether is it a high blood pressure or low blood pressure.

It's simple and looks like digital blood pressure machine which you can use for free blood pressure checking purposes with friends and family, remember that's not real. Monitor your blood pressure for free. :)
This is a prank finger blood scanner and it does not show you real values, all the systolic readings, diastolic reading, heart pulse rates are chosen randomly. Please use this app only for entertainment purposes.
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Blood Pressure Scanner Prank is a #funny #app which simulates a #BloodPressure #Checker using finger scanner.
Collect a lot of laughter, hilarity and cheer moment among the group of your friends.
Get it now “Blood Pressure Scanner Prank” and hit most memorable and amused moments with your friends.
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