Friday, August 27, 2010

Keep your New Mobile Phone Protected | Tips and Tricks

Friends, I have been writing articles about new phones and I would like to share my knowledge about phone usage and maintainability so that you all would use your phone with great efficiency.  Today technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. As a result every aspect of life is getting modified. Gone are the days when technology was used only by a few. Every one from kids to the elderly need to use different devices of technology. And one such device which is used by all is the cell phone or mobile phone. A completely new pattern of communication has been established, thanks to cell phones. It is possible to do almost anything with the help of this simple device. It is not only about talking and messaging anymore, you could use it for surfing the internet, listening to music, transferring files and so much more.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New iPhone Pro | Reviews | Pictures

Hi Guys, I'm back to blogging after my holidays. Let's go for something new, don't you wanna see something new and mind blowing huh?? Instead of telling you about new phones , I'm gonna talk about a concept which is popular among lot of people nowadays. iPhone Pro Concept has come to the arena. You know current iPhone is not having many features that people love to have. But i cannot say that it's a bad design, but it has to be improved. iPhone Pro is a good concept as the designer says it will be having 60GB HD , 1 MP front Camera and 8MP or higher quality for back with 16:9 aspect ratio.  Gaming is becoming popular and we could guess that apple might move into Gaming and new iPhone Pro will have lot of Gaming will compete with Nintendo,HTC and other leading Gaming Devices.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Phone from Motorola "Motorola XT720" Android 2.1 | Reviews | Pictures

After few days...I'm back to blogging. Hmm well, my fans today I will tell you about cool phone which is from Motorola again. Namely it is "Motorola XT720" and its very good phone before Motorola Droid. Motorola XT720 is coming with TI OMAP 3430 (ARM Cortex A8-based 720 MHz) processor as previous Motorola Phones. It's having 256 MB RAM and 3.7 inch TFT LCD(854×480) Display which is reasonably large. You know we all consider about the camera,Motorola XT720  has a 8MP camera with a Xenon flasher(dedicated button) ensuring users get the maximum photo entertainment and video recording with 720p HD quality it has 3.5mm hp jack HDMI port and also cover to close this port.. Talking about the battery life XT720  has 3.7v lithium-ion battery(1390 mAh). Actually  this is good for music playback(clear and quality).The OS is Android 2.1, its not having MOTOBLUR completely, instead some of MOTOBLUR features included MOTOBLUR  launcher ,camera application and the color scheme and also few non-Google applications which are not uninstallable. All in all XT720 is good and really worth what you paid for. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Smart Phone with PTT - "Motorola i1" | Pictures | Reviews

Well, Let's talk about Motorola i1, but this is not about very smart phone or high end phone while it's having Push to talk functionality and designed for hard usage(with its plastic case and rubber edges). Although it doesn't have all the new features, it looks same as the smart phone(touch screen) in the market. Officially Motorola i1 has been introduced to the market recently. When it comes to specification, mainly it has been designed for hard or rugged use, but Motorola i1 didn't lose it's sexy look and doesn't feel very heavy , it's having 3.1-inch(320X240) touchscreen to ensure the user doesn't get unsatisfied with resolution and the responsiveness. As i said earlier, Motorola i1 has been designed specially for rugged use and it has perfect voice quality and good battery life(talk time 3.5 hrs). Taking about applications handset is capable of running Android 1.5 apps( Webkit browser and YouTube apps noticed playing nicely), normally android phones are not coming with PTT though Motorola i1 is integrated with uncommon features. 5 MP camera is coming with Motorola i1 and it gives users maximum entertainment with Photos. Finally it's full of features and worth buying for $349.99 compare with other smart phones.

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Cricket MSGM8 II and Kyocera Rio E3100 have been released. | Pictures

Cricket has released two new phones recently namely Cricket MSGM8 II and Kyocera Rio E3100. They will be in the market soon. Let's talk about MSGM8 II, it's having wonderful QWERTY (shape of a box) and it has 220 x 176 resolution TFT Display, it's not a high-end phone but basic features are integrated. 1.3 MP camera, "Six" hours of talk time, Bluetooth ,Voice recognition for hands free dialing, special 2 keys for messaging and scheduler etc. MSGM8 II is having sporty look. Unlike the MSGM8 II, Kyocera Rio E3100 is having some cool features, it's a Touch Phone with 2.8-inch Display(320 x 240). When talk about the features , it's coming with 1.3 Mp cam, microSD(uptp 16GB),aGPS, threded messaging,stereo Bluetooth and Wap browser etc.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Newest and Revolutionary Android 2.2 Froyo is coming with Motorola Droid 2 | Review | Pictures

With the release of Android 2.2 Froyo, Mobile phone manufactures have started updating the android version of their products. Verizon has officially announced  Motorola Droid 2 handset. In my previous articles (Motorola Droid X)  I talked about the new features of Droids and those features are inherited and more added . New Droid 2 is having powerful processor which is 1GHz TI OMAP processor and dedicated GPU , 8GB of onboard storage . User friendly  full QWERTY keyboard makes it more comfortable with 3.7 inch display wide display and 5MP Camera. The new features which show the powerfulness of Droid 2 are 3G hotspot capability,,VZ Navigator(aGps), 3G HSPA,,DLNA wireless sharing, WiFi capability, Bluetooth 2.1 etc. Froyo has lot of new features and users can feel the difference. Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and New Calendars(Google,Coparate) and new Application are integrated in order to make it more accessible and convenient. We can say that it's fully featured and superb Android phone from Verizon and it will hit the peak of Mobile Phone market easily.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

LG has released new Phone Series(Wink T300,T310,T320) | Reviews | Pictures

LG is has released a new series of touchscreen mobile phones, specially for youth generation(first users). They all are equipped with newest features and stylish devices(full-touch). 
LG T300 Wink
LG T310 Wink Style
LG T320 Wink 3G
Winks are coming with a virtual QWERTY keyboard with Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate. They are not very smart phones but they have considerable features. When we talk about specification, LG T320 Wink 3G is having 1GB internal memory and also supports up to 16GB memory cards,and 2.8-inch LCD display with 2 MP Camera(1600x1200 pixels)  it supports 3G as its name implies(HSDPA 3.6 Mbps). For entertainment its having FM Radio, Music Player and  microSD memory card slot. As i said earlier, they are not high end phones  but they have few integrated applications(Java Supported) to be touch with Social Networks. You can have Winks in several colors. Probably LG Wink 3G and others might be available in the market at the end of August 2010.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New HTC Desire HD -Ace is about to come out...| Pictures | Reviews

Hi Friends, I'm gonna tell you about HTC's newest product "HTC Desire HD(Ace)" , while all are waiting for the product HTC Desire HD, some unofficial news are circulating all over world. Here are the specs that we have been waiting for HTC Desire HD to have in next couple of weeks.
It's coming with Large 4.3-inch WVGA touchscreen(AMOLED or S-LCD). The newest Android 2.2 Froyo is coming with all the google applications and few newest application which have never appeared in other androids before.To keep up the higher level of photo quality it's coming with 8MP camera and the capability of 720p video capturing(HD). Probably it will be having 1Ghz Snapdragon processor,4GB of storage built in and Sexy appearance with aluminum case. Unofficial news says that it's gonna be released at end of October(in Europe). Some pictures of "Ace" have already leaked. Expect more  pictures , reviews about HTC Desire HD soon from HBS(Hot Best Stuff).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet is to be launched | Pictures | Reviews

Hi Friends, I'm gonna tell you about something hot.. I'm pretty sure that you're looking for Samsung Galaxy Tab to be launched. Samsung is busy with their new Galaxy Tab soon it will be released to the market. Galaxy Tab is an Android tablet and it will be fighting with iPad. Unofficial news says that , Samsung is going to announce Galaxy Tab on August 11th, probably they might be able to launch it before the end of August. New Android 2.2 will be coming with Galaxy Tab. When talking about the specs, it's coming with 6-inch super AMOLED and having 16GB integrated memory. This is really cool and attractive and competitive product. Expect more reviews about Galaxy Tab from Hot Best Stuff. 

New Samsung PL90 is launched | Pictures

In my earlier article i talked about Casio's new Digital Cameras and I thought of writing about another new Digital Camera. Samsung has released their new compact camera and it's namely "Samsung PL90. Special feature of this new Digital camera is having a built-in USB connector. you don't have to bring your Samsung PL90 with it's cables, just plug into PC and Sync or you charge your digital Camera Isn't it cool?.Lets talk about it's specs. PL90 is a 12.2 mega-pixel camera and has 4x optical zooming and it's a real compact camera( 3.9 X 2.2 X 0.7 inches) and it has 2.7 inch LCD Display.There are some new features available in PL90, Intelligent smart auto function selects the mode automatically according to environment conditions. Perfect Portrait System is also very good functionality, it notifies whether the object is focussed or not. and it's cable of detecting 12 faces with smile and whether their eyes are closed. Smart Album feature helps users to manage their photos very easily. You will feel the convenience when you use it. it's full of new features for lower price.
PL90 will be available in the market in September.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Casio EX-S200 is relesed | Pictures

Today I'm gonna tell you about a new Digital Camera, that is Casio EX-S200. Special feature of this new camera is Casio's Exilim Engine 5.0 that is introduced recently to get better quality photos(super-resolution technology) with digital zoom function unlike other digital cameras it gives you higher quality photos as same as optical zooming*. EX-S200 has 6X zoom range capability with 14.1 megapixels. it's having handy, compact, sporty look with 17.8 mm thick body. EX-S200 is coming with five different colors( silver, orange, blue, black, and pink) and with the release of EX-S200 Casio has launched another new Digital Camera that is EX-Z800 both have almost all the new features and you can have EX-Z800  in six different colors( black , silver,  vivid pink, red, yellow, and blue.)

Few new features that i have noticed in these Digital Cameras.

   Super Resolution Shot
   Premium Auto function
   Dynamic Photo function
   Art Shot and Art Conversion functions  etc.

 EX-S200 Photos

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Copia e-book reader is going to be released soon.

Hello Friends... e-Readers are coming so fast and customers are getting used to it. Today i'm gonna tell you about an e-reader. When you hear the word COPIA, what comes into your mind? the E-readers right? They had released series of ebook readers.This about their new product..which is to be launched soon.. but this e-book readers specification has not been officially published. Talking about the price, this will be a bench mark of the series of e-reader from the Copia.(which is about $99). Definitely Copia will compete with other giants in the ebook readers market easily with the reduction of price.
Copia, the company that run the Social reading system is going to add a new ebook reader to their existing product line. This new ebook reader is reported to carry an amazing price mark at $99, which is the lowest price in the competition. This is coming with 5-inch screen size, brightful screen, WiFi enabled with good battery life and many application to be touch with other e-readers like Facebook, Twitter and share your all documents with them in one touch.