Saturday, August 14, 2010

Smart Phone with PTT - "Motorola i1" | Pictures | Reviews

Well, Let's talk about Motorola i1, but this is not about very smart phone or high end phone while it's having Push to talk functionality and designed for hard usage(with its plastic case and rubber edges). Although it doesn't have all the new features, it looks same as the smart phone(touch screen) in the market. Officially Motorola i1 has been introduced to the market recently. When it comes to specification, mainly it has been designed for hard or rugged use, but Motorola i1 didn't lose it's sexy look and doesn't feel very heavy , it's having 3.1-inch(320X240) touchscreen to ensure the user doesn't get unsatisfied with resolution and the responsiveness. As i said earlier, Motorola i1 has been designed specially for rugged use and it has perfect voice quality and good battery life(talk time 3.5 hrs). Taking about applications handset is capable of running Android 1.5 apps( Webkit browser and YouTube apps noticed playing nicely), normally android phones are not coming with PTT though Motorola i1 is integrated with uncommon features. 5 MP camera is coming with Motorola i1 and it gives users maximum entertainment with Photos. Finally it's full of features and worth buying for $349.99 compare with other smart phones.


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