Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Copia e-book reader is going to be released soon.

Hello Friends... e-Readers are coming so fast and customers are getting used to it. Today i'm gonna tell you about an e-reader. When you hear the word COPIA, what comes into your mind? the E-readers right? They had released series of ebook readers.This about their new product..which is to be launched soon.. but this e-book readers specification has not been officially published. Talking about the price, this will be a bench mark of the series of e-reader from the Copia.(which is about $99). Definitely Copia will compete with other giants in the ebook readers market easily with the reduction of price.
Copia, the company that run the Social reading system is going to add a new ebook reader to their existing product line. This new ebook reader is reported to carry an amazing price mark at $99, which is the lowest price in the competition. This is coming with 5-inch screen size, brightful screen, WiFi enabled with good battery life and many application to be touch with other e-readers like Facebook, Twitter and share your all documents with them in one touch.


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