Monday, June 14, 2010

Kinect for Xbox 360 alias "Project Natal"

This is a new and innovative project which is coming with name of "Project Natal" and with the preview attempts it has made successful improvement. It was exhibited At the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo  in Los Angeles,  Xbox has turned a new page in entertainment life through a stunning Cirque du Soleil production which brought Controller-free gaming and entertainment to life which is also know as “Project Natal” Now its Official  name is  Kinect for Xbox 360.

To witness the huge event Hundreds of Hollywood actors and actress, media from all around the world gathered at Los Angeles’s Galen Center. it was a great experience for all of them and really cool, like it has never been experienced.
The stage was large more than a football field in length. 25-foot-high projection screens with   Kinect for Xbox 360. look amazing.  The catching event with a gigantic 9-foot-tall elephant puppet housing projection screens, and a 40-foot-diameter steel structure that rotates on its axis  created a colorful and unforgettable pictures in viewers mind.

“The World Premiere Kinect for Xbox 360 Experience” surprised and delighted a global audience, featuring extraordinary entertainment experience. This is special cuz  no controller required.

             Experience the Real Word Gaming  without no controllers....

expect more......


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