Monday, June 21, 2010

Adidas Jabulani 2010 World Cup Official Football

All around the world we could here that "FIFA fever" is the most popular topic. Today i will tell you about the 2010 FIFA ball. Designing a footfall is not a simple task and it should includes all qualities the standards recommended by FIFA. Adidas comes to the compete with others giant competitors in the world market while giving most advanced soccer ball...

Adidas Engineers in UK always try to design a soccer ball which moves very fast and accurately  across the it's enemy(Air) . They have been developing this soccer ball for about 5 years.  "Jabulani" has 32 panel designs with 8 thermally bounded panels which reduce the shape distortions found in typical soccer balls. Early Teamgiest technology in 2006 had 12 panels and Adidas Engineers could reduce it in to 8 panels and it provides 70% larger striking surface.Another new feature that adidas has also added “aero grooves” to the ball which improves trajectory consistency in the air. "Jabulani" is not  just a soccer ball. Simply it's intelligent.
Now the price also has been reduced. (Special offers available )

adidas Jabulani World Cup 2010 Competition Match Football - White/Black/Yellow - Size 5

Price:£79.99 - £103.97
Special Offers Available
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