Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PlayStation "Move"

As you all know, Nintendo has succeeded with Wii, and Sony didn't give up the challenge and
they had introduced their product "PlayStation Move". "Move" doesn't go into Kinect Level(Project "Natal")  which means that it has some hand-held controllers. The Concept of Motion Control has come into play with Playstation Move..though the Nintendo and Microsoft couldn't succeed with it.

There are some points when we compare Move with Wii ..Move is coming with Eye Toy Camera it keeps the Sony "Move" market up since the cost quiet low.
if you want buy a Motion controller separately it will only cost $49.99 USD and it will require a PS3 system.
if you buy the Move as a bundle pack it will be $99.99 USD, and it also comes(free) with Sports Champions Blu-ray and a PlayStation Move game demo disc.


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