Monday, June 28, 2010

New Acer Predator Gaming Desktop "Aspire Predator AG7750-U2222" | Pictures

The Predator, when we hear the word , a giant creature comes into our mind. This is about Gaming Desktop which was launched back in 2008 . Now it's new updated version  
Aspire Predator AG7750-U2222 has been released. You can remember that the previous Predator model is not supporting DirectX 11 yet, so Acer is now updating their system with more stronger specification to support the new standard. 

New Predator  comes with 11 USB 2.0 data ports, 6 audio jacks, 2 eSATA, 2 wired Ethernet LAN ports, 2 DVI-D as well as a FireWire and a TV out port. 

When we talk about the negative side New Predator is running on Windows 7 Home Premium not the Ultimate version and it doesn't offer the front-loading hard drives. Except those two facts it's superb...none of other competitors  offer a similar configuration for less than $2,000.

You all know about predator, this about new gaming predator and it's really powerful in will experience the true gaming in real... 

Aspire Predator AG7750-U2222 

  •  2.8GHz Core i7 930 CPU
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 GPU
  • 1.5TB of storage
  • 12GB of DDR3 RAM
-Supports  DirectX 11
-Support for two additional 3D cards via extra slots on the motherboard
For Just  $1,999.99


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