Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Phone for the X'mas - New Pantech Vega Xpress review | pictures

A Phone with a new concept, Pantech's(Korean smartphone specialist) has launched their newest model Vega Xpress with a innovative technology which uses low-power DDR2 RAM exactly same as a notebook or a desktop.This technology is about combining an ARM processing platform and LP-DDR2 memory which enhances performance of the meomery and the 3D rendering. the Pantech says that their Vega Xpress is capable of handling double 3D graphics performance and run 1.5 times faster than other available Android phones having a similar CPU and also it provides PC-level speed in Internet surfing and up to 3 times better power performance. Let's talk about the specifications of Vega Xpress, it's coming with 4 inch capacitive touch screen(800x480) and has a 5 MP camera.It has 8GB of microSD strorage by default and can be expanded upto 32 GB. Talking about the battery, it consists with 1500 mAh battery module. Android 2.2 Froyo is coming with Vega Xpress. Vega Xpress will be available in 2011 January or February.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Nokia X2-01 and Nokia C2-01 have been announced | Reviews | Pictures|

Nokia is the largest mobile phone manufacturer and is famed to have the most user-friendly phones ever built. They are the leading mobile phone supplier and have their company growing since 1871. Nokia is engaged in different industries, from internet, telecommunication and mass production of mobile phone and accessories.
Nokia has created different models of mobile phone and will introduce another series of their previous models. Introducing the Nokia C2-01 and the Nokia X2-01
Want a less expensive 3G phone? Try Nokia’s C2-01 and check the amazing features it offers
Nokia C2-01

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nokia C5-03 is going to shake the market... Reviews | Pics

Hi, Friends.. Recently Nokia has introduced a new phone that is a Nokia C series phone.  Nokia C5-03 is coming with all features that are available in all modern phones. Specially Nokia has reduced the price of Nokia C5-03 though it's packed with all new features and this will be available at the end of this year probably(around  $237)Nokia C5-03 has an attractive look(suits for younger generation) which is eye catching and stylish design.Nokia C5-03 Symbian phone comes with 5 MP camera with LED flash + Video recording. Nokia C5-03 has  vibrant 3.2 inch TFT touch screen(360x640). OS used in Nokia c5-03 is S60 5th edition touch edition(not the Symbian 3)
Nokia C5-03 is coming with 2GB memory card and supports up-to 16 GB. All other general features are available and  specially it has 1000 mAh battery and it offers very long standby time up to almost a month and talk time up to 11.5 hrs on 2G.With essential facilities like GPS , Bluetooth , Accelerometer Senser, Wi-Fi Nokia c5-03 really worth buying. Nokia Ovi store gives you all the softwares required for the C5-03. There are  some new features has been added like a compass and assisted GPS for use with the latest version of the free Ovi Maps hands-free navigation service, it supports location sharing through social networks.( aka Geo Tagging). it's coming with ARM 11 600 MHz processor and 128 MB RAM. All in all Nokia C5-03 is really cheap and superb phone for what you pay ...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Motorola Droid Pro on Verizon has been released | Review | Pictures

Hi friends, here I have some hot news, new Motorola Droid Pro on Verizon has been released. With Droid Pro , Motorola has added new Android 2.2 Froyo item to their product line. Unlike the Drool previous version, it's having QWERTY keyboard(Blackberry type).Let's talk about the specs in short, it has 5 MP  auto focus camera + Dual-LED flash, 8 GB storage can be expanded up to 32GB with SD,all communication features such as Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G are available and 1 GHz processor with 512MB RAM. 3.1” 320x480 HVGA  display and long battery life.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

New HTC Desire Z is now in the market | Reviews | Pictures

After the Desire HD, HTC has released a cool phone that is HTC Desire Z. Its slide out QWERTY keyboard makes it more attractive and handy. Desire z is quite thin with dedicated quick keys and the special spring-loaded mechanism(Z hinge) has been added to solve the issue of having fatter thumbs. it draws the QWERTY keyboard under the screen. Desire Z is coming with new Android 2.2(Froyo).it looks much brighter with WVGA 480 x 800 AMOLED touch screen with pinch-to-zoom capability. Powerful  800Mhz Snapdragon processor  gives the energy with 512 MB RAM. it has1.5GB of internal memory with a microSD card(up to 32GB). Sadly HTC has not given the 8 MP camera to Desire Z instead 5 MP camera  is there to capture the photos and  720p video recording with single LED flash.There are some new features added to camera module,such as Face detection capability, and many built in effects Geotagging and depth of field , vignette etc. All internet features are included and common features like Wi-Fi, HSDPA ,GPS(special Internal GPS antenna),Bluetooth® 2.1. I couldn't tell you about HTC Sense which is newly added to the Desire Z that enables remote access via HTCSence web.It's really cool...

New Two Phones from Vodafone 945 and 553 have been released | Review | Pictures

Vodafone is not a giant competitor of the android phones arena but it has released their second and third android phones to the market. 
 "Vodafone 945" and "Vodafone 553" are the commercial names of new handsets. Let's talk about Vodafone 945 ,it quite looks rectangular in its shape and running on android 2.1 Ã‰clair instead of new 2.2 version. It's having 3.2-inch display(quite large) and has a  5MP camera with flash. It has internal 300MB storage with micro SD card slot which is up to 32 GB. All other general features are included such as Wifi, Bluetooth etc. Vodafone 945 will be available on European market soon and you can pick Black or Silver colors.

The second phone which is Vodafone 553 has many features. It's a QWERTY phone (horizontal slider). Compared with 945 it has small display which is 2.8- inch capacitive touch screen,microSD slot (up to 8 GB),2.0 MP camera without flash and FM radio , Bluetooth, pre-installed Opera mini 5 and  other common features. Vodafone 553 will be available in black, white, silver or pink. Both Vodafone 553 and 945 are in affordable range so that people  can experience the android 2.1 for low price.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sony Ericsson Live View has been released | Review | Pictures

This is about new gadget from Sony Ericsson. Day by day new phones are coming out and accordingly innovative accessories for those modern mobile phones are being released by different manufactures in order to make human life easy and simple. It's a wireless micro display namely "Live View" which is introduced by Sony Ericsson recently and now users can take control of their mobile phone without touching their phones. Live View can be customised with user preferences. Get all the notifications from your Social Network, Play music, Read Messages, Recognize the caller id, Check your battery status  and be touch with your phone while youre on move, even without touching your mobile phone. Mainly Live View is designed for Sony Ericsson mobile phones but it's compatible with other products from different manufactures.Live View is really handy and cool gadget for those who are having mobile phones specially those who have android phones(2.0 or above). Here i have shown few specs of Live View.

Size : 1.3 inch OLED color Display
Range : 10 m
Power : through USB connector(Micro USB Charger)
Weight: 15.0g

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Sony Blu-ray disc Player and Writer | Reviews | Pictures friends after my holidays(actually the exhibition), i want to write an article about something hot after some time even.  Recently Sony Optiarc has released a portable external Blu-ray disc which is capable of writing discs. Sony has given the model name as "BDX-S500U". Let's talk about the specs, actually BDX-S500U is super fast in  writing discs. it writes dual layer BD-R media at 4X speed and the singel BD-R at 6X. Comparatively which is capable of recording a 25GB in 20 minutes. Additionaly it's coming with 25GB Sony BD-R blank disc and Cyberlink's Media suite 8. You can connect the BDX-S500U with your notebook , net book or desktop through the USB(USB 2.0) port easily and also you can share the device with personal computers for entertaintment purposes. Experience the  3D Blu-ray high-definition playback capabilities with Sony Optiarc BDX-S500U.

Monday, September 6, 2010

New HP Envy 17 3D has been released | Reviews | Pictures

I havent publish a article for past few weeks and I'm really sorry, let's talk about something hot. HP Envy 17 3D has been revealed recently and Hp has launched series of new notebook computers. When you hear the HP Envy 17 3D, the 3D comes first into your mind. It's having a 17.3 inch Ultra BrightView Display and 1080p HD Video capability ATI Eyefinity Technology for multiple external display support. is another challenging feature.The HP Envy coming with support for 3D and Blu-ray. Additionally you can have pair of glasses so that you can see the 3D content.
I can say that Envy is an Superb Entertainment Notebook with its HP Triple Bass Reflex subwoofer and other cool features it's coming with a Core i7 CPU Envy is cable of handling the most demanding tasks simultaneously and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5850 graphics. It has 2TB of storage and also introducing the Wireless TV Connectivity. Envys exterior design is really nice and attractive. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Keep your New Mobile Phone Protected | Tips and Tricks

Friends, I have been writing articles about new phones and I would like to share my knowledge about phone usage and maintainability so that you all would use your phone with great efficiency.  Today technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. As a result every aspect of life is getting modified. Gone are the days when technology was used only by a few. Every one from kids to the elderly need to use different devices of technology. And one such device which is used by all is the cell phone or mobile phone. A completely new pattern of communication has been established, thanks to cell phones. It is possible to do almost anything with the help of this simple device. It is not only about talking and messaging anymore, you could use it for surfing the internet, listening to music, transferring files and so much more.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New iPhone Pro | Reviews | Pictures

Hi Guys, I'm back to blogging after my holidays. Let's go for something new, don't you wanna see something new and mind blowing huh?? Instead of telling you about new phones , I'm gonna talk about a concept which is popular among lot of people nowadays. iPhone Pro Concept has come to the arena. You know current iPhone is not having many features that people love to have. But i cannot say that it's a bad design, but it has to be improved. iPhone Pro is a good concept as the designer says it will be having 60GB HD , 1 MP front Camera and 8MP or higher quality for back with 16:9 aspect ratio.  Gaming is becoming popular and we could guess that apple might move into Gaming and new iPhone Pro will have lot of Gaming will compete with Nintendo,HTC and other leading Gaming Devices.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Phone from Motorola "Motorola XT720" Android 2.1 | Reviews | Pictures

After few days...I'm back to blogging. Hmm well, my fans today I will tell you about cool phone which is from Motorola again. Namely it is "Motorola XT720" and its very good phone before Motorola Droid. Motorola XT720 is coming with TI OMAP 3430 (ARM Cortex A8-based 720 MHz) processor as previous Motorola Phones. It's having 256 MB RAM and 3.7 inch TFT LCD(854×480) Display which is reasonably large. You know we all consider about the camera,Motorola XT720  has a 8MP camera with a Xenon flasher(dedicated button) ensuring users get the maximum photo entertainment and video recording with 720p HD quality it has 3.5mm hp jack HDMI port and also cover to close this port.. Talking about the battery life XT720  has 3.7v lithium-ion battery(1390 mAh). Actually  this is good for music playback(clear and quality).The OS is Android 2.1, its not having MOTOBLUR completely, instead some of MOTOBLUR features included MOTOBLUR  launcher ,camera application and the color scheme and also few non-Google applications which are not uninstallable. All in all XT720 is good and really worth what you paid for. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Smart Phone with PTT - "Motorola i1" | Pictures | Reviews

Well, Let's talk about Motorola i1, but this is not about very smart phone or high end phone while it's having Push to talk functionality and designed for hard usage(with its plastic case and rubber edges). Although it doesn't have all the new features, it looks same as the smart phone(touch screen) in the market. Officially Motorola i1 has been introduced to the market recently. When it comes to specification, mainly it has been designed for hard or rugged use, but Motorola i1 didn't lose it's sexy look and doesn't feel very heavy , it's having 3.1-inch(320X240) touchscreen to ensure the user doesn't get unsatisfied with resolution and the responsiveness. As i said earlier, Motorola i1 has been designed specially for rugged use and it has perfect voice quality and good battery life(talk time 3.5 hrs). Taking about applications handset is capable of running Android 1.5 apps( Webkit browser and YouTube apps noticed playing nicely), normally android phones are not coming with PTT though Motorola i1 is integrated with uncommon features. 5 MP camera is coming with Motorola i1 and it gives users maximum entertainment with Photos. Finally it's full of features and worth buying for $349.99 compare with other smart phones.

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Cricket MSGM8 II and Kyocera Rio E3100 have been released. | Pictures

Cricket has released two new phones recently namely Cricket MSGM8 II and Kyocera Rio E3100. They will be in the market soon. Let's talk about MSGM8 II, it's having wonderful QWERTY (shape of a box) and it has 220 x 176 resolution TFT Display, it's not a high-end phone but basic features are integrated. 1.3 MP camera, "Six" hours of talk time, Bluetooth ,Voice recognition for hands free dialing, special 2 keys for messaging and scheduler etc. MSGM8 II is having sporty look. Unlike the MSGM8 II, Kyocera Rio E3100 is having some cool features, it's a Touch Phone with 2.8-inch Display(320 x 240). When talk about the features , it's coming with 1.3 Mp cam, microSD(uptp 16GB),aGPS, threded messaging,stereo Bluetooth and Wap browser etc.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Newest and Revolutionary Android 2.2 Froyo is coming with Motorola Droid 2 | Review | Pictures

With the release of Android 2.2 Froyo, Mobile phone manufactures have started updating the android version of their products. Verizon has officially announced  Motorola Droid 2 handset. In my previous articles (Motorola Droid X)  I talked about the new features of Droids and those features are inherited and more added . New Droid 2 is having powerful processor which is 1GHz TI OMAP processor and dedicated GPU , 8GB of onboard storage . User friendly  full QWERTY keyboard makes it more comfortable with 3.7 inch display wide display and 5MP Camera. The new features which show the powerfulness of Droid 2 are 3G hotspot capability,,VZ Navigator(aGps), 3G HSPA,,DLNA wireless sharing, WiFi capability, Bluetooth 2.1 etc. Froyo has lot of new features and users can feel the difference. Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and New Calendars(Google,Coparate) and new Application are integrated in order to make it more accessible and convenient. We can say that it's fully featured and superb Android phone from Verizon and it will hit the peak of Mobile Phone market easily.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

LG has released new Phone Series(Wink T300,T310,T320) | Reviews | Pictures

LG is has released a new series of touchscreen mobile phones, specially for youth generation(first users). They all are equipped with newest features and stylish devices(full-touch). 
LG T300 Wink
LG T310 Wink Style
LG T320 Wink 3G
Winks are coming with a virtual QWERTY keyboard with Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate. They are not very smart phones but they have considerable features. When we talk about specification, LG T320 Wink 3G is having 1GB internal memory and also supports up to 16GB memory cards,and 2.8-inch LCD display with 2 MP Camera(1600x1200 pixels)  it supports 3G as its name implies(HSDPA 3.6 Mbps). For entertainment its having FM Radio, Music Player and  microSD memory card slot. As i said earlier, they are not high end phones  but they have few integrated applications(Java Supported) to be touch with Social Networks. You can have Winks in several colors. Probably LG Wink 3G and others might be available in the market at the end of August 2010.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New HTC Desire HD -Ace is about to come out...| Pictures | Reviews

Hi Friends, I'm gonna tell you about HTC's newest product "HTC Desire HD(Ace)" , while all are waiting for the product HTC Desire HD, some unofficial news are circulating all over world. Here are the specs that we have been waiting for HTC Desire HD to have in next couple of weeks.
It's coming with Large 4.3-inch WVGA touchscreen(AMOLED or S-LCD). The newest Android 2.2 Froyo is coming with all the google applications and few newest application which have never appeared in other androids before.To keep up the higher level of photo quality it's coming with 8MP camera and the capability of 720p video capturing(HD). Probably it will be having 1Ghz Snapdragon processor,4GB of storage built in and Sexy appearance with aluminum case. Unofficial news says that it's gonna be released at end of October(in Europe). Some pictures of "Ace" have already leaked. Expect more  pictures , reviews about HTC Desire HD soon from HBS(Hot Best Stuff).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet is to be launched | Pictures | Reviews

Hi Friends, I'm gonna tell you about something hot.. I'm pretty sure that you're looking for Samsung Galaxy Tab to be launched. Samsung is busy with their new Galaxy Tab soon it will be released to the market. Galaxy Tab is an Android tablet and it will be fighting with iPad. Unofficial news says that , Samsung is going to announce Galaxy Tab on August 11th, probably they might be able to launch it before the end of August. New Android 2.2 will be coming with Galaxy Tab. When talking about the specs, it's coming with 6-inch super AMOLED and having 16GB integrated memory. This is really cool and attractive and competitive product. Expect more reviews about Galaxy Tab from Hot Best Stuff. 

New Samsung PL90 is launched | Pictures

In my earlier article i talked about Casio's new Digital Cameras and I thought of writing about another new Digital Camera. Samsung has released their new compact camera and it's namely "Samsung PL90. Special feature of this new Digital camera is having a built-in USB connector. you don't have to bring your Samsung PL90 with it's cables, just plug into PC and Sync or you charge your digital Camera Isn't it cool?.Lets talk about it's specs. PL90 is a 12.2 mega-pixel camera and has 4x optical zooming and it's a real compact camera( 3.9 X 2.2 X 0.7 inches) and it has 2.7 inch LCD Display.There are some new features available in PL90, Intelligent smart auto function selects the mode automatically according to environment conditions. Perfect Portrait System is also very good functionality, it notifies whether the object is focussed or not. and it's cable of detecting 12 faces with smile and whether their eyes are closed. Smart Album feature helps users to manage their photos very easily. You will feel the convenience when you use it. it's full of new features for lower price.
PL90 will be available in the market in September.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Casio EX-S200 is relesed | Pictures

Today I'm gonna tell you about a new Digital Camera, that is Casio EX-S200. Special feature of this new camera is Casio's Exilim Engine 5.0 that is introduced recently to get better quality photos(super-resolution technology) with digital zoom function unlike other digital cameras it gives you higher quality photos as same as optical zooming*. EX-S200 has 6X zoom range capability with 14.1 megapixels. it's having handy, compact, sporty look with 17.8 mm thick body. EX-S200 is coming with five different colors( silver, orange, blue, black, and pink) and with the release of EX-S200 Casio has launched another new Digital Camera that is EX-Z800 both have almost all the new features and you can have EX-Z800  in six different colors( black , silver,  vivid pink, red, yellow, and blue.)

Few new features that i have noticed in these Digital Cameras.

   Super Resolution Shot
   Premium Auto function
   Dynamic Photo function
   Art Shot and Art Conversion functions  etc.

 EX-S200 Photos

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Copia e-book reader is going to be released soon.

Hello Friends... e-Readers are coming so fast and customers are getting used to it. Today i'm gonna tell you about an e-reader. When you hear the word COPIA, what comes into your mind? the E-readers right? They had released series of ebook readers.This about their new product..which is to be launched soon.. but this e-book readers specification has not been officially published. Talking about the price, this will be a bench mark of the series of e-reader from the Copia.(which is about $99). Definitely Copia will compete with other giants in the ebook readers market easily with the reduction of price.
Copia, the company that run the Social reading system is going to add a new ebook reader to their existing product line. This new ebook reader is reported to carry an amazing price mark at $99, which is the lowest price in the competition. This is coming with 5-inch screen size, brightful screen, WiFi enabled with good battery life and many application to be touch with other e-readers like Facebook, Twitter and share your all documents with them in one touch.

Friday, July 30, 2010

New Android LG Optimus Z Launched | Pictures

This is about another Android Phone(coming with android 2.1-Eclair) released by LG that is LG Optimus Z(
. But Intially LG has launched this only in Korea. Let's talk about the specs of LG Optimus Z. It's having 800X 480 3.5 inch(Touch Screen) WVGA HD LCD. We say that it's quite powerful with its 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. As you all know LG gives you the maximum photo experience with their phones here it's having 5MP Camera and when it comes to Entertainment, Optimus Z having 
Dolby Mobile and DivX compatibility , HD Video Recording Capability . 
1,350mAh batteries gives Optimus Z longer life and it's very handy , stylish.. 
only 11.05 mm thin. LG says that they will be updating Android Latest Version(
Android 2.2 Froyo) by the end of this year. there are 100 apps(Korean) integrated with this phone.This will appear in other Regions soon and more apps will be added. On Screen Function is available with Optimus Z so that you see the phone interface on you PC. Thera wil be more features available with Optimus Z like Layer Browsing and 
Drag & Shake Options.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New iPhone Gadgets : Super Zoomer

iPhone is the best phone ever made...and the accessories of iPhone also play a great role in the market. This Gadget is another great component which will help photographers to make their lives easy.It's a Telescope and you can zoom up to 6x optical zooming. Photographers will love this..cuz ability to take photographs with high quality(wide angle). First you have to install the crystal case which is coming with the telescope then attach the telescope with adapter then you can focusing ring to make the clear view. Even you can adjust telescope focus with the screen of the iPhone It also has a neck strap.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Dell Streak to be released on July | Phone or Tablet

Again Dell Streak  came into the arena and i decided to give you a quick review about Streak cuz its gonna shake the market at the end of this month. Everybody was wondering whether Streak  was smartphone or a tablet. cuz its having both qualities to give users maximum benefits with high flexibility. Let's get into this... Dell has planned to give their customers Dell Streak  with newest updates(Adobe Flash 10.1 on Android 2.2). When you see Streak , big screen will hit your eyes that is 5 inch diagonal display comparatively it's a large screen(800 x 480 LCD)  with Gorilla Glass (more durability)
Streak is handy and it's 10 mm thin and has hight pixel density. You can experience both smart phone and tablet features that's huge advantage, but sad to say this quite heavier than smart phones. But all in all everything is balanced(feature-wise) 

When talking about Applications, many apps are inbuilt giving customers maximum satisfaction. It's coming with Google Android operating system with Dell UI and it's customizable. Acess to More than 38,000 apps in collabaration with Google, Microsoft and others. Google Maps,Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. I can Streak is very poweful, cuz it's having rich features(hardware-wise).
it has 1GHz Snapdragon ARM-based mobile processor with 512 MB RAM. To experience the real photo experienc its having5 MP autofocus camera with dual LED flash and also having VGA front-facing camera to experience the video chat functionality.Streak is having Integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) with 3G hot-spot functionality and can be used as HSDPA 7.2 Mbps Modem. it has Micro SD slot expandable up to 32GB. Hopefully it might hit the targeted sales in future. According to my experiences it's quite good smart phone combined with a tablet. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New BlackBerry Storm 3 is coming soon..... might wonder when you hear "BlackBerry Storm 3", today I'm gonna tell you about BlackBerry Storm 3 which is to be released. There are lot of rumors going out  about Storm 3. Strom 3 is going be equipped with BlackBerry 6 that is a quite new interface with eye catching interface and many features to be added which are not officially announced. I will try to give you some leaked specs about storm 3. Unlike the storm 2, Storm 3 is having 512MB RAM. and Wi-Fi 802.11n with 3G mobile tethering (3G mobile hot spot functionality) Probably it might be having 1Ghz processor.
Definitely storm will be having rich and user friendly interface(touch screen) and 5MP camera with a new interface(updated). Webkit browser would be another new feature in storm 3. Some say that Storm 3 would be a Slider smart phone with newest android. But unfortunately rumors are showing that they won't release the storm 3 until the launch of 4G in 2011. but it depends you know future is unpredictable ..huh
Research In Motion has not annouced the releasing date...yet. Hope this will be the best and hottest consumer-oriented and user friendly phone  ever made from the RIM.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Windows Phone 7 is about to release....Fighting against iPhone

Hello.... This is about something you were looking for. When you hear the word Windows Phone 7, Windows 7 comes into your mind, isn't it? Past few days i was wondering whether to write or not about this new Windows 7 Phone, cuz some says still it's on experimental state.But now Microsoft is going to release their new born product though it's not a 100% tested as a superb phone OS. For over 2 years time , they have been experimenting and Do you remember Windows Mobile 6.5 which was introduced some time ago. You all know that Apple has captured the Mobile market and still Microsoft is trying to compete with other giant competitors. Let's get into the work...Well you have used iPhone right? Do you think Microsoft will try to make this Phone same as they don't.. Windows Phone 7 doesn't look  rectangular grid of thumbnails  glossy-looking icons, arranged in a pattern of 4x4 as all phones do. It's completely different and it has over sized set of bright, super flat squares in the screen with primary colors. it makesWindows Phone 7 differ from others phones. Unlike others Text is big and attractive. 

Microsoft  always tries keep their uniqueness. While Palm's web OS and Android are plying a great role.. Microsoft comes into arena with live , real time data combined in user friendly manner and even smoother and attractive. we can say that there nothing rotten in your windows, its always updating with fresh content. Status Updates,Comments, Photos, Weather  and more. 
Now I will explain this..People, Pictures, Games, Music + Video, Marketplace, and Office most popular words among the Windows Phone 7. You'll see beautiful panoramas going here and there making user more satisfied. Social Networking is another important point , Facebook , Windows Live are synchronized with Widows Phone 7 more to come.. 
 Zune desktop client is a great feature you can keep in touch with your Desktop and other friends very easily. All your music and videos can be synchronized. 
And probably you might wonder when you see Xbox on your screen. It's obvious that you can't play Xbox through your phone but you can get the results and news about games and players via Xbox Live but in future Microsoft will make your dreams come true... you will be able to play definitely.  
Office is there you play with.. same as your Desktop PC with some new features like online sharing document etc. I'm not going to explain it more cuz it will make you feel crazy..let's have a look on some pictures... Thank you 

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Samsung Galaxy S is a coming with Layer Browser | Pictures

Hi Friends...Today I'm gonna talk about a new Phone which is released recently with more sophisticated features that is so called Samsung Galaxy S. Actually to elevate your life style with modern technology , you will have to use more sophisticated devices so that they will make our life so easy... with Galaxy S you can feel the difference. With the current competitiveness in mobile phones... Samsung is releasing their products continuously over coming all the barriers. Let's talk about the Galaxy S. It's coming with  4.0" SUPER AMOLED and it does not reflect (only 80%).  User can experience the real picture even in day light conditions. Now a days new processors coming out and mobile phone users want to experience super speed with them and Samsung is using 1Ghz with 16GB internal memory. When we  Compare with other Phones this is quite good.  Media Entertainment is a considerable point in the mobile phone arena. I can say that it has superb picture quality and Samsung is always in step has 5MP Auto Focus camera. HD quality recoding and can use with TV and Galaxy S as the remote. 

Now I'm gonna talk about a cool feature which is namely Layer Browser , with this feature you can see the real-time digital information on your screen which is powered by Tele Atlas.  Actually this is amazing and really interesting almost everybody would like to accept this feature with no worries. You just have to point your camera and you will see all you want..Have heard about ThinkFree Office Mobile which is quite newly introduced and you can experience your day to day office package needs.
Google map is coming as  in built feature Galaxy has added few features like  real street view, traffic view, and satellite view etc. And also with  Social Hub you can be in touch with your friends and other social networks(Facebook,Twitter). I forgot to say that it's coming with AndroidTM Open OS 2.1 and you tether this with any WiFi spot. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Squeezebox Touch Network Music Player Released....

Hello my dear friends..I couldn't any article, cuz i was not  feeling well  for past few days. Here we go...
Today I'm gonna tell you about the "New Squeezebox Touch" . As you all know Logitech had started their producing music servers in 2007, this is their second attempt , and I'm sure that Squeezebox Touch will also be a successful product from Logitech. Squeezebox Touch is a music server and  you can access your music easily wherever in your home (digital music, internet radio,paid music services) it's coming with 4.3-inch color touch screen now... 
Let's talk what's inside the Squeezebox Touch,  we can simply say that this is user friendly and added new features.The 16:9 ratio with 4.3” inch brightening  color screen adds new flavor to this and the navigating menus(virtual keyboard) are really easy and attractive. On the back side it has analog stereo outputs and also digital outputs(optical/coaxial), Headphone o/p , USB ports, Ethernet and a SD card slot and the 802.11b/g Wi-Fi feature.

When it starts it automatically searches for available networks then you select the network you need or you can load your PC's music to the player.  you have heard about Pandora and,Napster or Rhapsody. you can directly access these sevices once you configured them. Even now you can access your favourite iTunes librararies(you have to download some server programs from Logitech’s site). Above i mentioned about the SD slot and the USB port, new  New Squeezebox Touch enables users access to the music direcltly from usb flashes and SD cards. You can enjoy all your music and almost all the audio formats are supported. All in all it's very simple and cool device..which gives you the maximum entertainment. Hope to see you all again with a hot Gadget...thanks

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Motorola Droid X is Fighting with others...

This is about a new phone from Motorolla. It's "Motorolla Droid X" and with this phone Motorolla is showing their giant competitiveness with other leading Best Mobile Phone manufactures. You can remember that during last few weeks several Super Phones were released like Apple iPhone 4, Sprint HTC EVO 4G , Galaxy. Some critics say that this will be the best Android Phone among them which is going to be in the market from 15th July 2010. 

When we talk about the technology, it has a front camera to enable the 4G connectivity. This is an Android 2.1 phone but it can be upgraded to Android 2.2. Droid has 4.3 inch Touch Screen, it's a  brightful screen( Droid X’s LCD 854 x 480 AMOLED displayand can experience the high definition video capabilities. Talking about the processor , it's coming with 1GHz processor and it's really poweful compare with other phones. It's coming with 8GB built in meomery and microSD card slot it can be used up to 40 GB memoery capacity.Droid  X has all other features like wifi hot spot, HD video recording etc but littel bit heavier.

There are  no big differences between Droid X and EVO only miner things. Droid X is little bit thicker than the EVO. We can say Droid X live longer than others, cuz it's having 1540 mAh battery and easily you can remove your battery using slide-off rear battery cover its really convienient.When we talk about the multimedia, Droid X having 8MP Dual LED Flash camera and Cool Display (AMOLED) so that you can get the maximum out of this.. and there are some applications in-built like YouTube and facebook etc.Simply this will be a great phone among other Super Phones.