Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Windows Phone 7 is about to release....Fighting against iPhone

Hello.... This is about something you were looking for. When you hear the word Windows Phone 7, Windows 7 comes into your mind, isn't it? Past few days i was wondering whether to write or not about this new Windows 7 Phone, cuz some says still it's on experimental state.But now Microsoft is going to release their new born product though it's not a 100% tested as a superb phone OS. For over 2 years time , they have been experimenting and Do you remember Windows Mobile 6.5 which was introduced some time ago. You all know that Apple has captured the Mobile market and still Microsoft is trying to compete with other giant competitors. Let's get into the work...Well you have used iPhone right? Do you think Microsoft will try to make this Phone same as iPhone...no they don't.. Windows Phone 7 doesn't look  rectangular grid of thumbnails  glossy-looking icons, arranged in a pattern of 4x4 as all phones do. It's completely different and it has over sized set of bright, super flat squares in the screen with primary colors. it makesWindows Phone 7 differ from others phones. Unlike others Text is big and attractive. 

Microsoft  always tries keep their uniqueness. While Palm's web OS and Android are plying a great role.. Microsoft comes into arena with live , real time data combined in user friendly manner and even smoother and attractive. we can say that there nothing rotten in your windows, its always updating with fresh content. Status Updates,Comments, Photos, Weather  and more. 
Now I will explain this..People, Pictures, Games, Music + Video, Marketplace, and Office most popular words among the Windows Phone 7. You'll see beautiful panoramas going here and there making user more satisfied. Social Networking is another important point , Facebook , Windows Live are synchronized with Widows Phone 7 more to come.. 
 Zune desktop client is a great feature you can keep in touch with your Desktop and other friends very easily. All your music and videos can be synchronized. 
And probably you might wonder when you see Xbox on your screen. It's obvious that you can't play Xbox through your phone but you can get the results and news about games and players via Xbox Live but in future Microsoft will make your dreams come true... you will be able to play definitely.  
Office is there you play with.. same as your Desktop PC with some new features like online sharing document etc. I'm not going to explain it more cuz it will make you feel crazy..let's have a look on some pictures... Thank you 


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