Sunday, July 25, 2010

New BlackBerry Storm 3 is coming soon..... might wonder when you hear "BlackBerry Storm 3", today I'm gonna tell you about BlackBerry Storm 3 which is to be released. There are lot of rumors going out  about Storm 3. Strom 3 is going be equipped with BlackBerry 6 that is a quite new interface with eye catching interface and many features to be added which are not officially announced. I will try to give you some leaked specs about storm 3. Unlike the storm 2, Storm 3 is having 512MB RAM. and Wi-Fi 802.11n with 3G mobile tethering (3G mobile hot spot functionality) Probably it might be having 1Ghz processor.
Definitely storm will be having rich and user friendly interface(touch screen) and 5MP camera with a new interface(updated). Webkit browser would be another new feature in storm 3. Some say that Storm 3 would be a Slider smart phone with newest android. But unfortunately rumors are showing that they won't release the storm 3 until the launch of 4G in 2011. but it depends you know future is unpredictable ..huh
Research In Motion has not annouced the releasing date...yet. Hope this will be the best and hottest consumer-oriented and user friendly phone  ever made from the RIM.


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