Sunday, December 20, 2015

Finger Blood Pressure Checker App

Finger Blood Pressure Checker

Now you can enjoy with friends scanning their blood pressure with "Blood Pressure Scanner Prank app". Amaze them with a real finger blood pressure calculating experience.. It's just a fun moment, you don't want to reveal them..
How to use the Scanner :
1. Simply keep the finger on the finger blood pressure monitor.
2. Blood Pressure Scanner start working and you will see a great pulse animation of your heart activity.
3. Hold your finger until you get your blood pressure.
4. You can switch on/off the sound or the vibrations

How Blood Pressure Calculator works.. Simply Keep the finger on the blood pressure scanner.. and blood pressure monitor starts to scan and it shows you the current heart beat with an animation, your friends will have no clue.
Finger Blood Pressure Monitor Features :
1. HD quality graphics for all the android devices
2. The best animation for scanning the heart beat.
3. Sound on/off and vibrate on/off feature.
4. Looks real and professional
5. Gives a tip whether is it a high blood pressure or low blood pressure.

It's simple and looks like digital blood pressure machine which you can use for free blood pressure checking purposes with friends and family, remember that's not real. Monitor your blood pressure for free. :)
This is a prank finger blood scanner and it does not show you real values, all the systolic readings, diastolic reading, heart pulse rates are chosen randomly. Please use this app only for entertainment purposes.
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The first Xperia S phone comes under SONY in 2012 | Review | Photos

Xperia S the first handset comes under "Sony" brand name after 10 year combination with Ericsson.Xperia S and Xperia Ion are the new arrived twins for Xperia next line.As I commented on Xperia Ion in my last post,here its about Xperia S and it features superb elements that you had never experienced in a Sony smart phones.

It provides grip comfort to the hand with a curved back,which comes from former Xperia S also.Sharp edges and coated metal plastic surface gives smart look.You don't need to worry about dirt in hands or stains,Sony says that Xperia S chassis covered with dirt-repellent nano-coating.However 4.3-inch screen is good-sized and the handset gives gripe and makes more comfort on hands.

The 12 megapixel camera with Exmor R CMOS sensor is a main property of its features core.It also has LED flash,auto-focus,face Recognition,Smile Shutter,3D sweep panorama,image stabilization and advanced in incisive attribute in camera actions.It's 32 Gb internal memory accommodates 1080p HD video recordings and its HQ pictures plus medias .However 50 GB cloud storage can be arranged by using free Box app from Android Market.

In the system,Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread is the OS runs which Sony assured an upgrade to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in Q2.Its fast in 1.5GHz dual-core operation with a 1GB backer. In the Sony Xperia s,we have to consider more on there navigation buttons.Its illuminated strip is impressive with the three android buttons under the display.Power button is placed on the top and The volume rocker key can find in the middle of the right side.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Newest member of Xperia series comes as Xperia Ion | Review | Photos

Sony Xperia Ion and Xperia S are the new members of Sony Xperia's family recently announced.Xperia Ion is the beast that I'm gonna review today. Ion is so similar to Xperia S except the chassis although it has a huge 4.6-inch screen and wide chassis. Xperia Ion is a light phone that we cannot feel it from outside.It's slightly curved shape gives you comfortable feeling on your palms and also you can find some navigation buttons on the bottom of it's body. HDMI and microUSB ports are placed on the side of the device.

Xperia Ion released for AT&T and runs on the new AT&T 4G LTE network that you can access super fast browsing and downloads. It goes with usual connectivity features,Wi-Fi GPS with AT&T navigator etc.The screen looks great as Sony settled on 720P LED display powered by Bravia Engine that makes sharp and superfine images with reducing light reflecting.So visuals stay bright even outdoors.Xperia Ion also comes with a 12 megapixel Exmor R CMOS Sensor which featuring good in 3D sweep panorama and 1080p video recording and also with the LTE network you can share your pictures and videos in seconds.

Ion runs on Android 2.3 platform with 1.5-gigahertz dual-core processing. Sony included PlayStation certification to the new Xperia Ion by linking Sony Entertainment Network to the device by ensuring superb gaming experience..
Sony steeped forward in smartphones with the Xperia Ion output and also Sony assures Android 4.0 will arrive in Q2 in 2012.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New HTC Titan II turns the Windows mobile market up and down| Review | Pictures

The worlds first 4G LTE windows phone,that's New HTC Titan II coming soon with an imprsive 16 megapixel camera on AT&T network.We can call that the HTC Titan II as the first mobile which made in USA and comes with a 16 megapixel camera.There's no doubt that HTC Titan II is gonna be the glorious icon in mobile markets in near future.
It's camera has a wide-angle lens that is very sensitive in low lights also it comes with video call enabled 1.3 megapixel front camera. Dual LED flash,720HD video recording and Geo tagging is some extras comes with.
The headset runs on Windows 7.5 Os which the system powered by 1.5 gigahertz Snapdragon processor with 512 MM of RAM.Unfortunately there's only 16GB in-built memory comes with Titan II and also there's no external card support.So It can be a minor disadvantage on this device as it needs lot f space to store 16 Megapixel images and HD videos.Even though it features usual network facilities like HSDPA,HSUPA,WiFi except LTE 700 MHz class 4G connectivity. They have extended the battery power from 1600 mAh to 1730 mAh to hold it up longer.
Tiatan II has a stunning look in it's design because of its huge display and on the other hand, Grey chassis,sharp smooth edges and thickness so close to HTC Sensation's build and it sounds great. HTC lovers will be able to experience the great combination so soon. HTC Titan II will smash Windows mobile markets in a flash in the face of other competitors.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx is the best phone of Droid series | 2011 | Review

New Motorola Droid Razr Maxx looks alike well known Droid Razr,but it comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery to keep Razr Maxx alive for a long time.It comes with same stylish Razr design with high security.Razr Maxx is extremely thin and the aluminium chassis,front panel,super sharp edges and stylish back cover gives it a real trendy look.The latest Razr Maxx comes with unbeatable physical strength by blending DuPont™ KEVLAR® fibre material.The Maxx is very good at managing the power.Razr Maxx stands up to 21.5 hours straight in quality voice also you can enjoy your favourite music for two and half days with the assistance of 3,300 mAh lithium ion battery.

Let's see its features. Droid Razr is a full functional smart phone with all modern connectivity features,including 4G,GPS,WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 and also with this you can turn its 4G network in to a WiFi hotspot easily.We can find hundreds of pre-loaded apps in Razr Maxx such as Motorola's proprietary apps,business friendly apps like QuickOffice, Citrix GoToMeeting and Webtop portable PC which are running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. Razr Maxx can be upgraded to newest Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) version.

Maxx goes with first class security features like government-range FIPS 140-2 encryption for e-mail,and contacts information.There's a set of remote facilities like remote wipe,device encryption,camera control,enable and disable WiFi and PIN lock etc.

Razr Maxx features 8.0 mega pixel camera with 720p video recording gives wider range of hyper-vibrant colours and HDTV experience and it has super AMOLED panel 4.3 inch display that's a excellent touch sensitive and superb motion sensible screen .On the other hand its awesome 3D stereo sound plus music player gives you a excellent entertainment experience.

In fact,New Motorola Droid Razr Maxx is special smartphone in several ways, it is extremely thinner compared with most of the smart phones and also its superb battery can stand for long time, that's better than any of 4G smart phones in the market.All the Droid Razr users and new users smart phone lovers can go for the Droid Razr Maxx with no doubt.Razr Maxx is now available from $299.99 on Verizon.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Nokia Lumia 900 is the best Windows Mango phone | Review | Photos

You were looking for this phone, remember? Finally it came out at CES 2012 and comes with handful of features, that's obviously much greater that Lumia 800. As you expected i will write small review on this new Lumia 900. Let's move to the specs. Nokia Lumia 900 features a poweful 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon goes hand in hand with windows Phone 7.5(Mango). It has 512MB RAM and 16GB internal storage that's more than enough for Mango. Lumia 900 comes with 4.3-inch AMOLED display ( 800×480 resolution). Nokia Lumia 900 gives you the maximum entertainment, it has 8MP main camera module(Carl Zeiss) and front facing 1MP camera, I guarantee that the quality of these images are damn good compared with other devices. As you know, Nokia never neglect the power consumption, Lumia 900 comes with 1840mAh battery, which is powerful enough to keep the Lumia 900 alive for 7 hours of talk time plus 300 hrs on stand by. Nokia Lumia 900 has all the common smart features and it has the dimensions of 127.8×68.5×11.5mm and weighs 160g. Nokia Lumia 900 will be among best of Windows phones for sure in 2012.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Huawei Ascend P1 S becomes the world thinnest phone at CES 2012 | Review | Pictures

When we talk about the world thinnest phone, Motorola Droid Razr comes first ,but now it has changed. This new competitor is coming under Huawei that's Huawei's Ascend P1 S. With the arrival of Huawei's Ascend P1 S at CES 2012 , Motorola battled with Droid 4 but Huawei's Ascend P1 S won the game, with Ascends 6.68 thickness. Let's go into the specs.
Huawei's Ascend P1 S comes with 1.5GHz dual-core Cortext-A9 TI OMAP 4460 powerful processor and on the other hand it has the newest Android 4 Ice Cream Sand-witch OS. Ascend P1 S features a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Gorilla Glass screen( 960X450 resolution). Ascend P1 S has 8MP primary camera module, that's capable of recording 1080P quality videos plus front facing 1.3MP camera. As always , Huawei comes under budget category with Ascend P1 S , it's again challenging the smartphone market for manufacturing cheap phones having high end features. With the arrival of Ascend P1 S, Huawei launched another phone called Ascend P1, it's the same except the size and the battery. Most probably these two Huwawei phones will start sales on April 2012 , hope you will love this with it's new Android Ice Cream OS and you can choose a color as you wish since Huawei's Ascend P1 S comes in few colors.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Motorola Defy Mini XT320 has been released | Review | Pictures

As you have noticed , Motorola Motoluxe came with its sister phone that's Motorola Defy Mini XT320. As its name implies, in size Defy mini looks quite small and portable. It has Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread OS plus 600MHz processor. Defy Mini comes with 3.2-inch TFT display(320x480) , it's a Corning Gorilla Glass display. Motorola Defy Mini comes with powerful 1650mAh lithium ion battery. Mini Defy weighs 107g and it has 12.6mm thickness. Let me talk about the camera module, Defy Mini XT320 features a 3.15MP camera plus LED flash and front facing VGA camera. It comes with all other general features, I'm not going to list them down here. Considering all these features, Defy Mini XT320 is not a high end phone but it has all the necessary features.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Motorola Motoluxe comes with a sleeky look | Review | Photos | 2012

As you all know, the smartphone are getting more and more popular , people tend to move from pc to mobile since it makes their lives easier. Here is another giant competitor in the Smartphone industry has come up with a new headset in this year. Motorola has introduced their newest member "Motorola Motoluxe" to market recently. As you all expected, Motoluxe is an Android phone and comes with lots of cool features. Let's go into Motoluxe.
We expected Motorola to come up with the latest Android Version(Ice-Cream Sandwitch) but unfortunately, this handset comes with Android Gingerbread version. Motoluxe features a 800MHz processor(Qualcomm) plus Adreno 200 GPU. Talking about the memory, it has 1GB ROM and 512MB RAM and also you can extend the memory upto 32GB using a microSD .This is not comparatively good, but we have few more features to be reviewed. Motoluxe has 4-inch TFT capacitive screen screen(480X854 resolution) and Motoluxe has very sleek and handy design, it has dimensions of 117.7 x 60.5 x 9.9 mm and Motoluxe weighs 126g.
Let me talk about the camera module, Motoluxe comes with 8MP camera main module plus front facing VGA camera, that's not too bad. Motoluxe is a middle-range Smartphone and it comes with all other general features plus 1400mAh powerful lithium-ion battery. Motoluxe will be available in the market soon.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Sony Ericsson Xperia MT27i Pepper + 2012 Xperia Phone | Review

Sony Ericsson is going to release another Android phone to the smartphone market soon in 2012. We've noticed few rumors going out with some leaked phones. This new Sony Ericsson handset is called "Xperia MT27i Pepper" and let's move to few specs rumored about Pepper. Xperia MT27i Pepper comes with 1GHz dual core processor, that's not comparably good for the current market and Xperia MT27i Pepper has 3.7-inch Display( 480x854 resolution) that's not bad. Let me talk about the camera, Xperia MT27i Pepper features a 5MP camera plus 720p video. These are just guess, you know we can't exactly say, what features it will have in the future. It might have a front facing camera, and a LED indicator like other Xperia phones. As rumors say, it might be a old prototype. Keep in touch , we'll get back as soon as we get the exact specs of Xperia MT27i Pepper.