Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New HTC Titan II turns the Windows mobile market up and down| Review | Pictures

The worlds first 4G LTE windows phone,that's New HTC Titan II coming soon with an imprsive 16 megapixel camera on AT&T network.We can call that the HTC Titan II as the first mobile which made in USA and comes with a 16 megapixel camera.There's no doubt that HTC Titan II is gonna be the glorious icon in mobile markets in near future.
It's camera has a wide-angle lens that is very sensitive in low lights also it comes with video call enabled 1.3 megapixel front camera. Dual LED flash,720HD video recording and Geo tagging is some extras comes with.
The headset runs on Windows 7.5 Os which the system powered by 1.5 gigahertz Snapdragon processor with 512 MM of RAM.Unfortunately there's only 16GB in-built memory comes with Titan II and also there's no external card support.So It can be a minor disadvantage on this device as it needs lot f space to store 16 Megapixel images and HD videos.Even though it features usual network facilities like HSDPA,HSUPA,WiFi except LTE 700 MHz class 4G connectivity. They have extended the battery power from 1600 mAh to 1730 mAh to hold it up longer.
Tiatan II has a stunning look in it's design because of its huge display and on the other hand, Grey chassis,sharp smooth edges and thickness so close to HTC Sensation's build and it sounds great. HTC lovers will be able to experience the great combination so soon. HTC Titan II will smash Windows mobile markets in a flash in the face of other competitors.


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