Friday, July 30, 2010

New Android LG Optimus Z Launched | Pictures

This is about another Android Phone(coming with android 2.1-Eclair) released by LG that is LG Optimus Z(
. But Intially LG has launched this only in Korea. Let's talk about the specs of LG Optimus Z. It's having 800X 480 3.5 inch(Touch Screen) WVGA HD LCD. We say that it's quite powerful with its 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. As you all know LG gives you the maximum photo experience with their phones here it's having 5MP Camera and when it comes to Entertainment, Optimus Z having 
Dolby Mobile and DivX compatibility , HD Video Recording Capability . 
1,350mAh batteries gives Optimus Z longer life and it's very handy , stylish.. 
only 11.05 mm thin. LG says that they will be updating Android Latest Version(
Android 2.2 Froyo) by the end of this year. there are 100 apps(Korean) integrated with this phone.This will appear in other Regions soon and more apps will be added. On Screen Function is available with Optimus Z so that you see the phone interface on you PC. Thera wil be more features available with Optimus Z like Layer Browsing and 
Drag & Shake Options.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New iPhone Gadgets : Super Zoomer

iPhone is the best phone ever made...and the accessories of iPhone also play a great role in the market. This Gadget is another great component which will help photographers to make their lives easy.It's a Telescope and you can zoom up to 6x optical zooming. Photographers will love this..cuz ability to take photographs with high quality(wide angle). First you have to install the crystal case which is coming with the telescope then attach the telescope with adapter then you can focusing ring to make the clear view. Even you can adjust telescope focus with the screen of the iPhone It also has a neck strap.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Dell Streak to be released on July | Phone or Tablet

Again Dell Streak  came into the arena and i decided to give you a quick review about Streak cuz its gonna shake the market at the end of this month. Everybody was wondering whether Streak  was smartphone or a tablet. cuz its having both qualities to give users maximum benefits with high flexibility. Let's get into this... Dell has planned to give their customers Dell Streak  with newest updates(Adobe Flash 10.1 on Android 2.2). When you see Streak , big screen will hit your eyes that is 5 inch diagonal display comparatively it's a large screen(800 x 480 LCD)  with Gorilla Glass (more durability)
Streak is handy and it's 10 mm thin and has hight pixel density. You can experience both smart phone and tablet features that's huge advantage, but sad to say this quite heavier than smart phones. But all in all everything is balanced(feature-wise) 

When talking about Applications, many apps are inbuilt giving customers maximum satisfaction. It's coming with Google Android operating system with Dell UI and it's customizable. Acess to More than 38,000 apps in collabaration with Google, Microsoft and others. Google Maps,Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. I can Streak is very poweful, cuz it's having rich features(hardware-wise).
it has 1GHz Snapdragon ARM-based mobile processor with 512 MB RAM. To experience the real photo experienc its having5 MP autofocus camera with dual LED flash and also having VGA front-facing camera to experience the video chat functionality.Streak is having Integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) with 3G hot-spot functionality and can be used as HSDPA 7.2 Mbps Modem. it has Micro SD slot expandable up to 32GB. Hopefully it might hit the targeted sales in future. According to my experiences it's quite good smart phone combined with a tablet. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New BlackBerry Storm 3 is coming soon..... might wonder when you hear "BlackBerry Storm 3", today I'm gonna tell you about BlackBerry Storm 3 which is to be released. There are lot of rumors going out  about Storm 3. Strom 3 is going be equipped with BlackBerry 6 that is a quite new interface with eye catching interface and many features to be added which are not officially announced. I will try to give you some leaked specs about storm 3. Unlike the storm 2, Storm 3 is having 512MB RAM. and Wi-Fi 802.11n with 3G mobile tethering (3G mobile hot spot functionality) Probably it might be having 1Ghz processor.
Definitely storm will be having rich and user friendly interface(touch screen) and 5MP camera with a new interface(updated). Webkit browser would be another new feature in storm 3. Some say that Storm 3 would be a Slider smart phone with newest android. But unfortunately rumors are showing that they won't release the storm 3 until the launch of 4G in 2011. but it depends you know future is unpredictable ..huh
Research In Motion has not annouced the releasing date...yet. Hope this will be the best and hottest consumer-oriented and user friendly phone  ever made from the RIM.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Windows Phone 7 is about to release....Fighting against iPhone

Hello.... This is about something you were looking for. When you hear the word Windows Phone 7, Windows 7 comes into your mind, isn't it? Past few days i was wondering whether to write or not about this new Windows 7 Phone, cuz some says still it's on experimental state.But now Microsoft is going to release their new born product though it's not a 100% tested as a superb phone OS. For over 2 years time , they have been experimenting and Do you remember Windows Mobile 6.5 which was introduced some time ago. You all know that Apple has captured the Mobile market and still Microsoft is trying to compete with other giant competitors. Let's get into the work...Well you have used iPhone right? Do you think Microsoft will try to make this Phone same as they don't.. Windows Phone 7 doesn't look  rectangular grid of thumbnails  glossy-looking icons, arranged in a pattern of 4x4 as all phones do. It's completely different and it has over sized set of bright, super flat squares in the screen with primary colors. it makesWindows Phone 7 differ from others phones. Unlike others Text is big and attractive. 

Microsoft  always tries keep their uniqueness. While Palm's web OS and Android are plying a great role.. Microsoft comes into arena with live , real time data combined in user friendly manner and even smoother and attractive. we can say that there nothing rotten in your windows, its always updating with fresh content. Status Updates,Comments, Photos, Weather  and more. 
Now I will explain this..People, Pictures, Games, Music + Video, Marketplace, and Office most popular words among the Windows Phone 7. You'll see beautiful panoramas going here and there making user more satisfied. Social Networking is another important point , Facebook , Windows Live are synchronized with Widows Phone 7 more to come.. 
 Zune desktop client is a great feature you can keep in touch with your Desktop and other friends very easily. All your music and videos can be synchronized. 
And probably you might wonder when you see Xbox on your screen. It's obvious that you can't play Xbox through your phone but you can get the results and news about games and players via Xbox Live but in future Microsoft will make your dreams come true... you will be able to play definitely.  
Office is there you play with.. same as your Desktop PC with some new features like online sharing document etc. I'm not going to explain it more cuz it will make you feel crazy..let's have a look on some pictures... Thank you 

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Samsung Galaxy S is a coming with Layer Browser | Pictures

Hi Friends...Today I'm gonna talk about a new Phone which is released recently with more sophisticated features that is so called Samsung Galaxy S. Actually to elevate your life style with modern technology , you will have to use more sophisticated devices so that they will make our life so easy... with Galaxy S you can feel the difference. With the current competitiveness in mobile phones... Samsung is releasing their products continuously over coming all the barriers. Let's talk about the Galaxy S. It's coming with  4.0" SUPER AMOLED and it does not reflect (only 80%).  User can experience the real picture even in day light conditions. Now a days new processors coming out and mobile phone users want to experience super speed with them and Samsung is using 1Ghz with 16GB internal memory. When we  Compare with other Phones this is quite good.  Media Entertainment is a considerable point in the mobile phone arena. I can say that it has superb picture quality and Samsung is always in step has 5MP Auto Focus camera. HD quality recoding and can use with TV and Galaxy S as the remote. 

Now I'm gonna talk about a cool feature which is namely Layer Browser , with this feature you can see the real-time digital information on your screen which is powered by Tele Atlas.  Actually this is amazing and really interesting almost everybody would like to accept this feature with no worries. You just have to point your camera and you will see all you want..Have heard about ThinkFree Office Mobile which is quite newly introduced and you can experience your day to day office package needs.
Google map is coming as  in built feature Galaxy has added few features like  real street view, traffic view, and satellite view etc. And also with  Social Hub you can be in touch with your friends and other social networks(Facebook,Twitter). I forgot to say that it's coming with AndroidTM Open OS 2.1 and you tether this with any WiFi spot. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Squeezebox Touch Network Music Player Released....

Hello my dear friends..I couldn't any article, cuz i was not  feeling well  for past few days. Here we go...
Today I'm gonna tell you about the "New Squeezebox Touch" . As you all know Logitech had started their producing music servers in 2007, this is their second attempt , and I'm sure that Squeezebox Touch will also be a successful product from Logitech. Squeezebox Touch is a music server and  you can access your music easily wherever in your home (digital music, internet radio,paid music services) it's coming with 4.3-inch color touch screen now... 
Let's talk what's inside the Squeezebox Touch,  we can simply say that this is user friendly and added new features.The 16:9 ratio with 4.3” inch brightening  color screen adds new flavor to this and the navigating menus(virtual keyboard) are really easy and attractive. On the back side it has analog stereo outputs and also digital outputs(optical/coaxial), Headphone o/p , USB ports, Ethernet and a SD card slot and the 802.11b/g Wi-Fi feature.

When it starts it automatically searches for available networks then you select the network you need or you can load your PC's music to the player.  you have heard about Pandora and,Napster or Rhapsody. you can directly access these sevices once you configured them. Even now you can access your favourite iTunes librararies(you have to download some server programs from Logitech’s site). Above i mentioned about the SD slot and the USB port, new  New Squeezebox Touch enables users access to the music direcltly from usb flashes and SD cards. You can enjoy all your music and almost all the audio formats are supported. All in all it's very simple and cool device..which gives you the maximum entertainment. Hope to see you all again with a hot Gadget...thanks

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Motorola Droid X is Fighting with others...

This is about a new phone from Motorolla. It's "Motorolla Droid X" and with this phone Motorolla is showing their giant competitiveness with other leading Best Mobile Phone manufactures. You can remember that during last few weeks several Super Phones were released like Apple iPhone 4, Sprint HTC EVO 4G , Galaxy. Some critics say that this will be the best Android Phone among them which is going to be in the market from 15th July 2010. 

When we talk about the technology, it has a front camera to enable the 4G connectivity. This is an Android 2.1 phone but it can be upgraded to Android 2.2. Droid has 4.3 inch Touch Screen, it's a  brightful screen( Droid X’s LCD 854 x 480 AMOLED displayand can experience the high definition video capabilities. Talking about the processor , it's coming with 1GHz processor and it's really poweful compare with other phones. It's coming with 8GB built in meomery and microSD card slot it can be used up to 40 GB memoery capacity.Droid  X has all other features like wifi hot spot, HD video recording etc but littel bit heavier.

There are  no big differences between Droid X and EVO only miner things. Droid X is little bit thicker than the EVO. We can say Droid X live longer than others, cuz it's having 1540 mAh battery and easily you can remove your battery using slide-off rear battery cover its really convienient.When we talk about the multimedia, Droid X having 8MP Dual LED Flash camera and Cool Display (AMOLED) so that you can get the maximum out of this.. and there are some applications in-built like YouTube and facebook etc.Simply this will be a great phone among other Super Phones.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's about first 3D IdeaPad from Lenovo

Helllo friends.. You all know that 3D Desktops, Televisions play a great role when it comes to High Def Entertaintment(3D), The  3D HD Laptop, this term is not very new but Lenovo started producing high end 3D HD laptops and it's quite new for all of us. This is their first 3D Laptop and I hope it will successful in future definitely. The name of this is IdeaPad Y560d. Probably you might wonder how this 3D effect is obtained , the technology is "TriDef® 3D technology" and it's quite new technology from Lenovo.

As lenovo says  this is not just a having fun with simple's coming as  high def Entertainment Laptop feel the diffrence with ATI Radeon Graphics and powerful intel i7 processor.