Monday, July 5, 2010

New Motorola Droid X is Fighting with others...

This is about a new phone from Motorolla. It's "Motorolla Droid X" and with this phone Motorolla is showing their giant competitiveness with other leading Best Mobile Phone manufactures. You can remember that during last few weeks several Super Phones were released like Apple iPhone 4, Sprint HTC EVO 4G , Galaxy. Some critics say that this will be the best Android Phone among them which is going to be in the market from 15th July 2010. 

When we talk about the technology, it has a front camera to enable the 4G connectivity. This is an Android 2.1 phone but it can be upgraded to Android 2.2. Droid has 4.3 inch Touch Screen, it's a  brightful screen( Droid X’s LCD 854 x 480 AMOLED displayand can experience the high definition video capabilities. Talking about the processor , it's coming with 1GHz processor and it's really poweful compare with other phones. It's coming with 8GB built in meomery and microSD card slot it can be used up to 40 GB memoery capacity.Droid  X has all other features like wifi hot spot, HD video recording etc but littel bit heavier.

There are  no big differences between Droid X and EVO only miner things. Droid X is little bit thicker than the EVO. We can say Droid X live longer than others, cuz it's having 1540 mAh battery and easily you can remove your battery using slide-off rear battery cover its really convienient.When we talk about the multimedia, Droid X having 8MP Dual LED Flash camera and Cool Display (AMOLED) so that you can get the maximum out of this.. and there are some applications in-built like YouTube and facebook etc.Simply this will be a great phone among other Super Phones.


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