Monday, June 28, 2010

New Acer Predator Gaming Desktop "Aspire Predator AG7750-U2222" | Pictures

The Predator, when we hear the word , a giant creature comes into our mind. This is about Gaming Desktop which was launched back in 2008 . Now it's new updated version  
Aspire Predator AG7750-U2222 has been released. You can remember that the previous Predator model is not supporting DirectX 11 yet, so Acer is now updating their system with more stronger specification to support the new standard. 

New Predator  comes with 11 USB 2.0 data ports, 6 audio jacks, 2 eSATA, 2 wired Ethernet LAN ports, 2 DVI-D as well as a FireWire and a TV out port. 

When we talk about the negative side New Predator is running on Windows 7 Home Premium not the Ultimate version and it doesn't offer the front-loading hard drives. Except those two facts it's superb...none of other competitors  offer a similar configuration for less than $2,000.

You all know about predator, this about new gaming predator and it's really powerful in will experience the true gaming in real... 

4G-capable smartphone "Sprint Samsung Epic 4G" is Amazing...

Recently there was a rumor about Galaxy S Pro, I didn't write any article on that topic ,because I knew that the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G is going to release officially very soon.
Epic 4G comes with 4 inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display, a 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash and the ability to record HD video in 720p ensuring that the user gets the maximum visual entertainment experience and the ont facing VGA camera enables the video call functionality.The Samsung Epic 4G is coming with a full QWERTY 
keyboard, and will come with Android 2.1
With integrated 802.11 b/g/n WiFi  a six axis accelerometer, and a 1GHz processor, plus EV-DO Rev and WiMax Epic is showing its powerfulness.  Samsung says that it can also be used as a WiFi hot spot for up to five different devices and has a long battery life with 1500 mAh battery.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New FinePix XP10 compact Camera

Fujifilm's new 12 megapixel FinePix XP10 waterproof shooter is really cool and sporty(compact).
New XP10 is coming with it's 5x zoom lens, 720p video recording capabilities with all into a compact design. And also 12-megapixel CCD, sensitivity up to ISO 1600 and , HD video mode and more...when we consider about the technogical improvements  it's a small pakage, very light, durable material(metal) and handy(it's protected with four way protection-drops,shocks, water,dust).

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS E-Cell

Mercedes-Benz had announced the SLS AMG GT3 which is long time before... Recently German Automaker has unveiled a  prototype  which is called "SLS AMG E-Cel".
Speciality of the model is instead of the typical SLS AMG 571HP 6.3 liter engine they have placed V8 Petrol Engine with four electric motors placed near the wheels so it's a four wheel drive car now.... 

Monday, June 21, 2010

2010 Fifa Soccer Ball-shaped Huawei E2010 3G broadband dongle

With the interest of football fever i decided to write another article about FIFA , this is another new gadget for Fifa fans. Lot of football shaped gadgets coming out..among them this little Huawei E2010 3G dongle plays a nice role..and attracts soccer fans mind easily..which is introduced by Huawei at its Mobile World Congress stand in Barcelona. When talking about the Huawei E2010, it supports UK 3G spectrum and consists a microSD card slot as usual HSPDA modem. Huawei E2010 is compatible with windows 7, Linux and Mac O/S.
I haven't noticed the price for this..but this will be a successful product from the Huawei...

Adidas Jabulani 2010 World Cup Official Football

All around the world we could here that "FIFA fever" is the most popular topic. Today i will tell you about the 2010 FIFA ball. Designing a footfall is not a simple task and it should includes all qualities the standards recommended by FIFA. Adidas comes to the compete with others giant competitors in the world market while giving most advanced soccer ball...

Adidas Engineers in UK always try to design a soccer ball which moves very fast and accurately  across the it's enemy(Air) . They have been developing this soccer ball for about 5 years.  "Jabulani" has 32 panel designs with 8 thermally bounded panels which reduce the shape distortions found in typical soccer balls. Early Teamgiest technology in 2006 had 12 panels and Adidas Engineers could reduce it in to 8 panels and it provides 70% larger striking surface.Another new feature that adidas has also added “aero grooves” to the ball which improves trajectory consistency in the air. "Jabulani" is not  just a soccer ball. Simply it's intelligent.
Now the price also has been reduced. (Special offers available )

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PlayStation "Move"

As you all know, Nintendo has succeeded with Wii, and Sony didn't give up the challenge and
they had introduced their product "PlayStation Move". "Move" doesn't go into Kinect Level(Project "Natal")  which means that it has some hand-held controllers. The Concept of Motion Control has come into play with Playstation Move..though the Nintendo and Microsoft couldn't succeed with it.

There are some points when we compare Move with Wii ..Move is coming with Eye Toy Camera it keeps the Sony "Move" market up since the cost quiet low.
if you want buy a Motion controller separately it will only cost $49.99 USD and it will require a PS3 system.
if you buy the Move as a bundle pack it will be $99.99 USD, and it also comes(free) with Sports Champions Blu-ray and a PlayStation Move game demo disc.

Revolution in 3D Gaming "Nintendo 3DS"

Now the Nintando is serving you...with their new born child "Nintendo 3DS" it's revolutionary and exciting product from the nintendo after DS and and wow!. The speciallity of this device is that it does not require glasses to get the 3D feeling and according to certain light conditions, it can be adjusted using the slider to get the proper and suitable view..and also you can change the level of depth on the screen..the gadget is quiet heavy but it doesn't matter at all...this 3DS searches for the other 3DS and wifi hotspots and then communicate with them.. it doesnt matter whether the system is working or not...while it is asleep it can communicate..
 When talking about the Games, you can download the games automatically(new stages of the game) and many more features...
The new 3DS was announced at E3 press conference an Nokia Theater with a nice presentation which displayed new Legend of Zelda game(wii) and Donkey Kong, Mario, Metroid..etc...I'm sure that it will become a revolutionary products in the market as DS and Wii did..
To give the maximum 3D experience, Nintendo has improved some specifications(hardware)...
The releasing date is not yet announced...probably in 2011 it will come to us..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kinect for Xbox 360 alias "Project Natal"

This is a new and innovative project which is coming with name of "Project Natal" and with the preview attempts it has made successful improvement. It was exhibited At the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo  in Los Angeles,  Xbox has turned a new page in entertainment life through a stunning Cirque du Soleil production which brought Controller-free gaming and entertainment to life which is also know as “Project Natal” Now its Official  name is  Kinect for Xbox 360.

To witness the huge event Hundreds of Hollywood actors and actress, media from all around the world gathered at Los Angeles’s Galen Center. it was a great experience for all of them and really cool, like it has never been experienced.
The stage was large more than a football field in length. 25-foot-high projection screens with   Kinect for Xbox 360. look amazing.  The catching event with a gigantic 9-foot-tall elephant puppet housing projection screens, and a 40-foot-diameter steel structure that rotates on its axis  created a colorful and unforgettable pictures in viewers mind.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Apple iPhone 4

it changes everything again...

The iPhone again comes into arena, recently Steve explained about the coming iPhone which offers ton of new features. Gizmodo had explained the iPhone before and most of the explained features are included. 

The new iPhone is coming with a stainless steel casing and it gives nice look(but it's not my flavor). As steve explains it will be thinnest smartphone on the earth compared with iPhone 3GS its 25 percent thinner. and also it has Volume Control on the side and it comes with accessible microSIM Tray.

We can't see huge differences between iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, a front-facing camera, and the new microphone, 30 pin connector for docking , speakers make it powerful among other phones with its reputation(APPLE)

I have listed some the new features which are coming with new iPhone 4..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Panasonic Toughbook C1

Panasonic introduces World’s Lightest 12.1” Convertible Tablet PC
The 3.2 lb. Panasonic Toughbook C1.It contains many competitive features of industry advancements.
  •         The first rugged convertible Tablet PC
  •         Offers hot-swappable twin batteries for continuous use.
  •         Available with a multi-touch + digitizer screen for finger and gesture computing and an electronic stylus. 
  •         Ergonomic strap and dome cradle the hand for comfortable long-term use. 
  •         C1 features a unique, durable triple hinge design 
                          two hinges for opening and closing the screen, and another hinge for rotating the screen into tablet mode.