Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Revolution in 3D Gaming "Nintendo 3DS"

Now the Nintando is serving you...with their new born child "Nintendo 3DS" it's revolutionary and exciting product from the nintendo after DS and and wow!. The speciallity of this device is that it does not require glasses to get the 3D feeling and according to certain light conditions, it can be adjusted using the slider to get the proper and suitable view..and also you can change the level of depth on the screen..the gadget is quiet heavy but it doesn't matter at all...this 3DS searches for the other 3DS and wifi hotspots and then communicate with them.. it doesnt matter whether the system is working or not...while it is asleep it can communicate..
 When talking about the Games, you can download the games automatically(new stages of the game) and many more features...
The new 3DS was announced at E3 press conference an Nokia Theater with a nice presentation which displayed new Legend of Zelda game(wii) and Donkey Kong, Mario, Metroid..etc...I'm sure that it will become a revolutionary products in the market as DS and Wii did..
To give the maximum 3D experience, Nintendo has improved some specifications(hardware)...
The releasing date is not yet announced...probably in 2011 it will come to us..

Be touch with "Hot Best Products"....ASAP i will give you the full specifications !!!


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