Friday, August 27, 2010

Keep your New Mobile Phone Protected | Tips and Tricks

Friends, I have been writing articles about new phones and I would like to share my knowledge about phone usage and maintainability so that you all would use your phone with great efficiency.  Today technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. As a result every aspect of life is getting modified. Gone are the days when technology was used only by a few. Every one from kids to the elderly need to use different devices of technology. And one such device which is used by all is the cell phone or mobile phone. A completely new pattern of communication has been established, thanks to cell phones. It is possible to do almost anything with the help of this simple device. It is not only about talking and messaging anymore, you could use it for surfing the internet, listening to music, transferring files and so much more.

One of the most spectacular of features for the cell phones is the Bluetooth. This is a technology which can be used for connecting with other devices like cell phones and computers. Thanks to Bluetooth you can easily transfer files without much hassle. However because of Bluetooth there has also been a spurt in cell phone bugging. Connecting to a cell phone is not difficult anymore which can easily get the phone bugged. You should know however that Bluetooth is not the only way of getting a cell phone bugged. There are other cell phone bugging devices.

 These devices although initially designed strictly for the police and the espionage system, are more often than not misused by illegal hackers. There are two kinds of such devices. The first type is the one that closely resembles the traditional bugging devices, which can be installed within the cell. The second type, which is the more popular type are the cell phone scanners.  These scanners survey the airwaves for signals. Once these signals are caught there is a message sent to the person bugging your device, who can pick up on your conversation or any other file from your cell phone hereafter.

It is however possible to make sure that your phone is not getting bugged. There are some typical signs of a bugged phone. Your cell might be getting hotter without being used. Or the battery gets exhausted too soon. Your phone might also get lighted up suddenly. These are all signs of a bugged cell phone. If you do not want to become a bugged cell phone victim, stop downloading anything on your cell phone from an unknown source. Or do not accept files from unknown devices.

Another very important task for every cell phone user is to keep a check on your cell phone memory. Every phone has a fixed space allotted, which can be increased by an additional memory card. You should know how much space is allotted to your phone and how much has been used up by your files. If you feel that the amount of space of your cell phone memory has used is mysteriously more, then you might want to check if your phone has received any unknown dangerous files or devices. Even when you download files make sure there are no additional hidden files coming into your cell phones.

If you are just a tad bit careful you can keep all unwanted stuff away and use your phone just for your benefit


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