Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Samsung PL90 is launched | Pictures

In my earlier article i talked about Casio's new Digital Cameras and I thought of writing about another new Digital Camera. Samsung has released their new compact camera and it's namely "Samsung PL90. Special feature of this new Digital camera is having a built-in USB connector. you don't have to bring your Samsung PL90 with it's cables, just plug into PC and Sync or you charge your digital Camera Isn't it cool?.Lets talk about it's specs. PL90 is a 12.2 mega-pixel camera and has 4x optical zooming and it's a real compact camera( 3.9 X 2.2 X 0.7 inches) and it has 2.7 inch LCD Display.There are some new features available in PL90, Intelligent smart auto function selects the mode automatically according to environment conditions. Perfect Portrait System is also very good functionality, it notifies whether the object is focussed or not. and it's cable of detecting 12 faces with smile and whether their eyes are closed. Smart Album feature helps users to manage their photos very easily. You will feel the convenience when you use it. it's full of new features for lower price.
PL90 will be available in the market in September.


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