Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New iPhone Pro | Reviews | Pictures

Hi Guys, I'm back to blogging after my holidays. Let's go for something new, don't you wanna see something new and mind blowing huh?? Instead of telling you about new phones , I'm gonna talk about a concept which is popular among lot of people nowadays. iPhone Pro Concept has come to the arena. You know current iPhone is not having many features that people love to have. But i cannot say that it's a bad design, but it has to be improved. iPhone Pro is a good concept as the designer says it will be having 60GB HD , 1 MP front Camera and 8MP or higher quality for back with 16:9 aspect ratio.  Gaming is becoming popular and we could guess that apple might move into Gaming and new iPhone Pro will have lot of Gaming will compete with Nintendo,HTC and other leading Gaming Devices.


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