Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Newest HTC member, HTC Runnymede is on the way

This is about a new leaked handset from HTC, that's HTC Runnymede, I'm sure this is gonna hit the market as it goes to huge investment in the android market. It features same as the HTC Titan and will be available in the same price range. I'll talk about the spces leaked about HTC Runnymede.

Display : 4.7-inch WVGA display
Processor : 1.5Ghz single core- processor. + with newest update of Android OS
Memory : probably 16GB, it might go up to 32.


මධුරංග said...

Nice Post !!!!
HTC. is it another kind of Android Development ? or windows mobile ?

Kalum Meshantha Fernando said...

No...it's a brand like nokia, Android is the Operating system running in that phone. hope you understand...

මධුරංග said...

@Meshantha :
I got u !!!
i saw that kind of phone in one of my batch mate (pin-pon). Anyway. thanks for your clarification

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