Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Two Phones from Vodafone 945 and 553 have been released | Review | Pictures

Vodafone is not a giant competitor of the android phones arena but it has released their second and third android phones to the market. 
 "Vodafone 945" and "Vodafone 553" are the commercial names of new handsets. Let's talk about Vodafone 945 ,it quite looks rectangular in its shape and running on android 2.1 Éclair instead of new 2.2 version. It's having 3.2-inch display(quite large) and has a  5MP camera with flash. It has internal 300MB storage with micro SD card slot which is up to 32 GB. All other general features are included such as Wifi, Bluetooth etc. Vodafone 945 will be available on European market soon and you can pick Black or Silver colors.

The second phone which is Vodafone 553 has many features. It's a QWERTY phone (horizontal slider). Compared with 945 it has small display which is 2.8- inch capacitive touch screen,microSD slot (up to 8 GB),2.0 MP camera without flash and FM radio , Bluetooth, pre-installed Opera mini 5 and  other common features. Vodafone 553 will be available in black, white, silver or pink. Both Vodafone 553 and 945 are in affordable range so that people  can experience the android 2.1 for low price.


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