Friday, November 26, 2010

Nokia X2-01 and Nokia C2-01 have been announced | Reviews | Pictures|

Nokia is the largest mobile phone manufacturer and is famed to have the most user-friendly phones ever built. They are the leading mobile phone supplier and have their company growing since 1871. Nokia is engaged in different industries, from internet, telecommunication and mass production of mobile phone and accessories.
Nokia has created different models of mobile phone and will introduce another series of their previous models. Introducing the Nokia C2-01 and the Nokia X2-01
Want a less expensive 3G phone? Try Nokia’s C2-01 and check the amazing features it offers
Nokia C2-01

·     It measures  109.8 x 46.9 x 15.3 mm phone weighing about 89g
·         Traditional keypad design (same as those older models) that would enable you to type faster
·         5 Different metallic colors available
·         Installed with a 3.2 mega pixel camera that will clearly capture those special moments
·         Has a great photo display, flip and rotate motion control to emphasize every shots made
·         Edit photo function that enables you to manually edit those shots you made
·         A faster Bluetooth for you to share files, videos, music and pictures to everyone you like
·         3G internet connection available, a great way to surf the web
·         Chat and get connected using Nokia messaging
·         OVI linked enabling you to choose and download countless application
·         Jam with its Music Player and Radio Connectivity
·         Expanded capacities handling up to 16GB memory cards

Or do you want a device specially designed mobile phone for fast communication and updated social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter
Nokia X2-01
·     Measuring 119.4 x 59.8 x 14.3 mm and weighs 107.5g
·         2.4 inch QVGA screen and a VGA camera for a better shot of those  pictures
·         3.5 mm headphone jack  for you to utilize common headphone accessories
·         QWERTY keyboard suitable for those who want to type faster and to relay     messages as fast as they can
·         Message function key – a shortcut to your message directory
·         Music Function key – a one click shortcut to your music player
·         Get connected and experience Instant Messaging using your phone through different chat applications like YM and OVI
·         Process and send Email instantly receiving those important files in time
·         Memory card that can handle all of your favorite music
·         Use and update Social networking site (e.g. Facebook) in an instant

These phones will be released around the first quarter of year 2011 and would cost you depending on your location.
Try these new amazing phones and explore the connecting power of Nokia.


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