Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New HTC Sensation is one step ahead from HTC Evo 3D | Review

Another phone from HTC is coming to the arena, that is HTC Sensation,  HTC is continuosly launching new handsets ,  I have revealed  all of  the gossips ahead of an official .This new  HTC Sensation 4G  compatible with lots of the EVO 3D's specs, specially a 4.3 inch  Super LCD screen, powerful 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor, and also Android 2.3 Gingerboard. However it's one step ahead from the 3D handset by having the rear lens resolution to 8 MP,  giving in a 2nd LED flash, and also racing up the video frame rate to 30fps at max 1080p resolution. , it has HSPA device which gives download rates as 14.4 Mbps. And also it comes with new graphical features in UI, including personalized lock screens, 3D transitions, an advanced weather apps, and also HTC Watch, this service introduced to the company's Flyer tablet which allows you download DVD high quality movies. Before striking the USA this summer, the Sensation will appear in the UK, Germany, and also the rest of HTC's targeted markets.


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